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Search Engine Optimization

We are Search engine Optimization Company(S.E.O company ) which plays crucial role in achieving marketing targets of companies by optimizing the websites for all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Msn, Altavista .....

Why Search Engine Optimization Company?

Your website probably looks great and is easily navigable, But is it giving you the new customers? The traffic? The clicks? The Increase in sales?

If no, the reason could be that when searching for particular products or services your website is not able to reach the top positions of major search engines such as Google or Yahoo, as the pages of the website are not formatted according to search engines requirements or not optimised for search engines. The result is that your company may be losing a mountain of business.

More than 500 million people use search engines each and every day to locate a products or services. So, to get your website noticed and to establish a strong presence in top search engines - 'YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION COMPANY (S.E.O COMPANY)'

So, What Is Search Engine Optimization?

A professional website can be successful only if it receives most targeted traffic, and the source for traffic is from search engines. So, one has to make the website search engine friendly or rather say optimize website for search engine. Coding and writing the content of the website in a particular way as to get sequenced in the list of search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is a website design and promotion technique for optimizing (designing & coding) web pages so that they can get listed or displayed on search engines. Whenever someone performs a search on Google or Yahoo, the search engine looks for the best sites matching the query then they are displayed in the list of results. The best-optimized websites generally appear at the top of these listings.

However, making a search engine friendly websiteis a complex process and skilled art which requires up to date internet marketing skills and an understanding of how search engines work with lot of hard work & time. Achieving the top position is not an overnight S.E.O Program but it requires time and regular updating.

Selecting Search Engine Optimization Company

Thousands of companies on the internet do more harm than good to your company's brand by playing or spamming with search engines. Playing such spamming games your site may get some result But you may loose your rankings overnight and get banned from Google or Yahoo for. Thus choosing an SEO company is one of the most important decisions for your business! The first thing you should look for in a company is that it should follow the webmaster guidelines of Google, Yahoo, MSN, and the world's top search engines. At CONEDIFY we do things right, we do not spam the search engines but rather work to achieve high rankings for your website through webmaster guidelines.

Conedify Technologies - a Website designing & Software development company is an expert in website promotion and Search Engine Optimization. Our comprehensive understanding of search engines optimization techniques and regular research ensures that your website for targeted keywords will be highly placed on the results page of major search engines and directories

the Company design each page in such a way, that the site's content will be crawl fast which will fix your listings and gives high rankings on major search engines for keywords when potential customers searching your products or services.

Search Engine Optimization Steps

Search Engine optimization for a site involves many things such as targeting correct keywords, correct page title, keyword density, link density, Layout and so on, which turns out with regular research, analysis and hard work. It is not just a question of putting some keywords into your website; this alone will not get your website good positions.

For Generating Free Traffic for your Web site via search engine optimization ConEdify Technologies goes trough the following steps:

1) Keyword Research - choosing the right keywords and phrases for search engine optimization is crucial. If you choose keywords that few people are searching for, then you can achieve top rankings but will not gain target audience.

Thus, our experts examine the content & business model of your website as well as your competitor's website then develop the ideal set of keyword phrases for promoting your website. The keywords are then cross-referred against the most relevant search terms used by web searchers using proprietary search engine analysis tools.

2) Page optimization - After careful selection of relevant keyword and keyword phrases for individual webpage for search engine optimization, the company experts will construct:

  • Search engine friendly HTML code, including page unique Titles, META Descriptions, ALT Tags.
  • Proper site navigation including the selection of link names and titles. Generating more links within contents.
  • Write additional content if needed for your web pages
  • File and page name structuring.
  • Addition or modification of a site map.
  • Generate articles and press releases as needed to boost your rankings.

3) Submitting To Directories & Search Engines: The next step is to submit website to major search engine & directories manually for search engine optimization, We do not rely on software as these tools can actually do your campaign more harm than good. They submit your site to 3000 search engines but this in turn will fetch you 10 times additional junk mails. Thus, manual submitting is mandatory and it always pays dividends.

4) Search Engine Ranking Report: Using your approved keywords we search engine optimization company will run an extensive search engine ranking report detailing your website ranking positions among the top search engines.

5) Website Traffic Report: Using web traffic software we will analyze your current website traffic statistics which includes clicks and other related info required for generating more revenues.

6) Off page Optimization: Off page Optimization is search engine optimization done off the Page, like getting relevant links from other sites, link exchange with quality relevant sites.

Our Company is a high end search engine optimization company provide service totally in line with Google's terms and conditions. We offer a full search engine optimization service and have had considerable successes in getting listed on search engines and obtaining high rankings on the top search engines. At ConEdify Technologies your website is marketed as our own website- and that’s a promise.

Please contact us with your website address, we will take a look at your website, figure out what the problem is and then come back to you with a cost effective Search Engine Optimization solution.

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